Limousine Etiquette Tips to Know

Everyone likes the limo service as it feels luxurious, as it feels one of a kind to be escorted by a chauffeur while sitting on an expensive vehicle. Waikiki limo service has been becoming more and more popular. It can be hired for a prom, wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or just a night in the town. Some things need to be considered before you hire a limo service and it is your responsibility to find a great transportation service that will give you the benefits and the convenience that you are looking for. Although you are the customer and every company needs to ensure your comfort and convenience, you need to take your part and do your role. So here are the six limousine etiquette tips that every customer should know.  

Count your guests – before you book a luxurious limousine, it is important that you inform the company of the number of people who will be riding on the vehicle. In this way, the company would be able to find the right vehicle that would accommodate all of you. In the event that the number of people has increased, it is important to still inform the company beforehand. Do not do changes without them knowing.   

Understand the ways on how to get into the vehicle – this may sound a little bit funny but there are already individuals who cause mishaps and did clumsy behaviors. It is not practical to pretend that you know everything that is going on. instead of pretending, let the driver open the door for you, sit in the first seat that you see, and swing your legs gracefully. This is the best way to get into a limousine without looking desperate.  

avoid fighting – if you are renting a limousine service for a night out, avoid fighting with your co-riders at all costs. while it is understandable that drinking would turn into you getting drunk and whatnot, fighting inside the limo is not good etiquette. This will also further cause unnecessary road accidents.  

Know the rules – most legal services do not allow certain drinks and smoking inside the car. it is important that you inform the company of your activities to make adjustments. Moreover, be respectful when you are talking with your driver and avoid being obnoxious.   

Be clean – take note that you are writing on a luxurious car, and trashing the limo is a no-no. do not leave empty wrappers cans or bottles. Avoid throwing off your drink and food to your fellow passengers and do not put your shoes on the seats. Take whatever you have when you leave the car. most transportation services, especially limo services, will charge you if there is a mess in the car. So be cautious.   

Tip the driver- one of the etiquettes in renting a limo service is that you give the driver a tip of at least 15% of the total limo rental fee if it is a regular trip, and at least 20% percent if it is a special trip. 

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